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Mozart in the Jungle

Reviewed on Apr 16 2016

It's a television series that's on Amazon. It's about the New York Philharmonic today and a fictional maestro from Mexico, who is a starseed, who most likely is from the universe of Avalon and the planet of Alcyone (don't ask—but if interested, see The Cosmic Family, Volume I). His beautiful wife is also a starseed, who's probably from the universe of Fanoving. Both of them are great violinists. The show revolves around quirky musicians in the Philharmonic and their lifestyles, making ...
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The Salvation

Reviewed on Dec 21 2015

Mads Mikkelsen does an excellent job in playing the quiet, tough man Jon Jensen who revenges his son's, wife's, and brother's deaths by the hands of two 1870s cowboys. The brother, Mikael Persbrandt, also plays a man's man, who saves Jon from the hands of the vicious Henry Delarue (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and his gang, who are bent to kill Jon for killing Henry's brother, even though it was in retribution for the rape and murder of his wife and son. This European cowboy film is much better than ...
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Beasts of No Nation

Reviewed on Nov 13 2015

This is a story of a young African teenager who is abducted by the rebels to be a child soldier. His whole family is killed, and the atrocities that he goes through are hard to believe. And because this happens to so many young African boys and the film is done so realistically, it made me wish I was young again to go join the group of mercenaries to go after those rebels and bring them to justice. The boy was even physically abused by his crazed commander. The film is brutal, so be aware. ...
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The Water Diviner

Reviewed on Oct 20 2015

Australian/United States/Turkish—Russell Crowe (Conner) is an intuitive but also a rugged Australian trying to work out a living in the Australian outback with his wife and three sons. The three sons go to war in 1915 and are sent to Turkey to fight the Battle of Gallipoli. None come back, so he goes to look for them. It's right after the war, and the Turks and Australians go back to the battle scene where a half a million men on both sides died. Connor intuits where his sons died and their...
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Ex Machina

Reviewed on Sep 23 2015

This is an excellent artsy futuristic film that shows the talent of Oscar Isaac, as he can play a mild-mannered mayor or a macho crazed scientist, and I'm sure anything he wants to play, with extreme talent and believability. Alicia Vikander plays a robot that is sexually attractive. The story has many twists and keeps your interest throughout the whole film, with an exciting and well-thought-out ending. I wouldn't miss this one. But it's only for avant-garde film goers. Director Alex ...
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The Admiral: Roaring Currents

Reviewed on Aug 26 2015

South Korean drama—Based on a true story, in the 16th century a Korean admiral is far outnumbered by Japanese ships that are about to attack Korea. He comes up with the battle plan and wins the day. Great navy battle scenes with powerful men, not the Hollywood "warrior" types, but men you wouldn't want to meet on any battlefield, men of honor and loyalty to their Admirals, despite not understanding some of the orders they are given. Spectacular scenery and graphics. Director Han-min Kim. ...
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Marco Polo

Reviewed on Jul 02 2015

This is a Netflix-made film by 19 Producers & 6 Directors, that is one of the most excellent films I've ever seen. It's like a complete movie. The costumes are exquisite of the Mongolian and Chinese culture of the 12th Century, and it gives a more in-depth understanding of Marco Polo's eastern travels and his life and Kublai Khan, the Mongolian leader. The film has everything—great acting, great cinematography, great dialog (with often a lot of Oriental wisdom thrown in), beautiful sets, ...
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