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The Broken Circle Breakdown

Reviewed on Jul 10 2014

This film takes place in Belgium. The film can easily win an Oscar for many things including the acting of Veerle Baetens, who is every man's dream. She's intelligent, witty, talented, is a singer, and very beautiful. The Belgian band who plays American Bluegrass music is amazing, and they sing the American words just as well with these songs as Americans do, and I'm a musician and a perfectionist. Without telling you the whole story, this is one of the best films—without being a major ...
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Reviewed on Jun 26 2014

Based on the true story of Japanese artist Isamu Noguchi, who was born in America of a Japanese father and American mother who bring him to Japan and raise him and their struggles of survival in early twentieth-century Japan. He later returns to America and becomes well-known. This is an excellent film in every way, except for the casting at the end of the too-American-looking older Isamu, who looks more like Ricky Nelson. Boy, they blew it on this one! But the rest of the movie was ...
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Reviewed on Jun 12 2014

German drama—In World War II the Polish people have to deal with the Nazi occupation and then the Russian occupation. The people are displaced, and families are torn apart. It is the story of two people who meet in a horrible concentration camp, fall in love and escape together, are separated again, remarried, have children, and find each other again 35 years later. It is a touching true story of courage and the cruelty of war and what it does to families, both emotionally and very ...
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Cinco de Mayo, La Batalla

Reviewed on May 15 2014

Mexican drama—May 5th is a significant date for Divine Administration too, which has to do with the upstepping of the adjudication of the Bright and Morning Star versus Lucifer. But in Mexico on May 5, 1862 the most significant battle in Mexican history against the most powerful French army in the world, was won by soldiers & peasants who fought very bravely against an overwhelming military power. This victory is celebrated today also in America among the Mexican-Americans and is known by ...
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The Reluctant Fundamentalist

Reviewed on May 02 2014

United States/United Kingdom/Qatar drama—A young Pakistani man, who becomes very successful in American business, is able to see through the worst of the Great American Dream and the greed of Wall Street and big corporations and returns to his native country and roots to become a leader and activist for his people. The film has a lot of good lines and truth and a noble character, played by Riz Ahmed. Kate Hudson, Liev Schreiber.

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In the Land of Blood and Honey

Reviewed on Apr 07 2014

Angelina Jolie did a wonderful job of showing the horrors and realism of war, although in the kingdom of God to come, many of the scenes could have been done by "the art of suggestion." Instead, she shows rape several times. Violence, unfortunately, is the horrible truth of war, where men lose their moral standards and do things based upon hatred and fear. She captured this kind of horrible violence excellently. The acting by all was very good. The movie is sobering, and I warn you, it may be...
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The Prince That Contemplated His Soul

Reviewed on Sep 02 2013

This very beautifully made spiritual film has much wisdom and beautiful cinematography and many interesting characters of the desert and tribes people. It shows the respect of eldership and the need for elders and shows how close the people who live close to the land are to the Creator—many who live very simple but peaceful and harmonious lives with each other, as long as the influence of Western civilization does not touch their minds or hearts. The French Director Nacer Khemir's interview...
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