The Free State of Jones

Reviewed by Gabriel of Urantia

  • Drama
  • 139 minutes
  • MPAA rating: R
  • 4DFR rating: R

From time to time, I do review films that are still in the theaters, because people either should see them or avoid them. I review the best of those in the theaters, that absolutely should be seen, which is the case in this film, and the worst, that use sophisticated marketing and lies to make the film something more than it is,.

Since racism is in the air of America and there are continued killings of young black men, and even the abuse of young black women, I thought I would review this film of racism and cruelty to black Africans in America, right after (and of course before) The Civil War. The Emancipation Proclamation really did little to free the black Americans. The same hatred that existed then exists now in America.

This is a true story that Matthew McConaughey (who plays Newton Knight) could easily win another Academy Award for Best Actor for this role. Gugu Mbatha-Raw also did an excellent job in acting, and their descendants are alive today and also suffered discrimination and persecution, even in contemporary times, which the film points out.

It is an epic film, with action and violence. But the film is done without unnecessary sex scenes, in which the sex scenes are implied. Even the rape scene was implied, which shows that great films do not have to get into unnecessary sex scenes. I would rate this film, on a scale of 1 to 10, as a 10. You don’t want to miss it. Director Gary Ross.

~Gabriel of Urantia

*MPAA = Motion Picture Association of America

*4DFR = An alternative, 4th-Dimensional, rating is supplied by the author of this review

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