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Reviewed on Jul 12 2012

This is an epic film that you may have missed in 1976 because it was made in Europe. But it was made by the master director Bernardo Bertolucci with an international cast that includes a young Donald Sutherland (in one of his best acting roles as a sadistic fascist), an older Burt Lancaster (who plays an elderly grandfather padrone [landowner] of a large farming operation in Italy), Robert De Niro (his grandson Alfredo Berlinghieri who grows up to become the padrone), Sterling Hayden (who ...
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5 Days Of War

Reviewed on Jun 05 2012

This film depicts the tragic events of the five-day war in Georgia when the Russians decide to recapture Georgia for the oil. The Russians are merciless in their tactics, killing hundreds perhaps thousands of innocent Georgians, not caring if they're killing elderly or women or children. The story is centered around journalists who take pictures of the atrocities and have to escape the Russians who know they have the film. The movie is very well done and acted. Andy Garcia picks up a ...
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Across the Universe

Reviewed on Feb 29 2008

Directed by Julie Taymor, this musical goes beyond hip to I would say cosmic hip! Using Beetles' songs, she tells the story of the sixties, incorporating talented artists like Joe Cocker, Bono, Dana Fuchs, and newcomers Jim Sturgess, Evan Rachel Wood. Selma Hayek even does a dance routine. The arrangements of the Beetles' tunes will knock you out, by arranger Elliott Goldenthal. Watch the over 1-hour special features.

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Adam Resurrected

Reviewed on Apr 21 2011

This is the best film---if not the best job of acting---Jeff Goldblum has ever done. He plays a Second War World Jewish magician and comedian (Adam Stein) who becomes famous in Germany. When the Nazis take over, he is arrested and put in a concentration camp where a Nazi officer, who previously had seen Stein perform, now treats him like an animal and makes him act like a dog and stay on all fours for years in the concentration camp. The movie has some very heavy scenes of degradation and ...
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Adam's Apples

Reviewed on Apr 01 2008

This dark comedy is very well made and directed. It has many interesting characters who keep you not only interested but not, by any means, ever bored. You really don't know what to expect next. At the same time, it teaches a lot about good and evil, and does it with a lot of insight and plain cleverness. It does have violence, but not slow-motion American style. The film actually has a good ending! Ulrich Thomsen, Nicolas Bro, Paprika Steen.

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The Admiral: Roaring Currents

Reviewed on Aug 26 2015

South Korean drama—Based on a true story, in the 16th century a Korean admiral is far outnumbered by Japanese ships that are about to attack Korea. He comes up with the battle plan and wins the day. Great navy battle scenes with powerful men, not the Hollywood "warrior" types, but men you wouldn't want to meet on any battlefield, men of honor and loyalty to their Admirals, despite not understanding some of the orders they are given. Spectacular scenery and graphics. Director Han-min Kim. ...
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All The Pretty Horses

Reviewed on Mar 03 2009

The two 1940's cowboys and friends John Grady Cole (Matt Damon) and Lacey Rawlins (Henry Thomas) in this film represented to me the best of being an American cowboy–the sense of adventure, strength and faith through discouragement, the determinism to succeed against all odds, good senses of humor, and a sense of integrity and justice. The cinematography depicting both Texas (where it was filmed) and Mexico was spectacular.  The adventurous story plot was entertainment ...
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