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Sweet Country Movie Poster

Sweet Country

Reviewed on Aug 06 2018

I just love the authenticity about Australian films and the fact that they don't always use Hollywood starlets for those leading roles. In this film they use indigenous people playing indigenous peopleā€”a very interesting people who captivate the screen. It has a scene of a court hearing outside in a small desert town that would not be able to be duplicated by Hollywood. As always, the indigenous people get the short end of the stick, one way or another. It doesn't have the bells and ...
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Professor Marston and the Wonder Women Movie Poster

Professor Marston and the Wonder Women

Reviewed on Apr 27 2018

A unique story about the creator of the comic book Wonder Woman and his polyfidelity relationship with two women. It's a very well done movie that should win an award in 2018. If it doesn't, it will be because of the subject matter. But it's a subject matter that should be discussed, as there are over 700 million starseed on the planet who have lived in different cultures in other universes, and he and his two wives were starseed; Luke Evans, Rebecca Hall, Bella Heathcote. Director: ...
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The Butterfly Tree Movie Poster

The Butterfly Tree

Reviewed on Apr 06 2018

I had hoped this film was made in 2018, because it deserves an Academy Award in several categories. It is a magical film, a love story. Evelyn (played by Melissa George) was enchanting as an ex-burlesque girl who has a mystical home filled with art, crystals, and unique clothing. A father and son fall in love with her and the mystery ensues. I fell in love with her too. A must-see for lovers of all kinds. I'd like to see more work by Director Priscilla Cameron.

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Good Time Movie Poster

Good Time

Reviewed on Mar 15 2018

This film should have been up for an Academy Award for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor. It wouldn't have been nominated for Best Picture because of its theme, but wow was this a great film. The people on the streets in the neighborhood seemed very real, and you could hardly tell if they were actors or real street people. It reminded me of my old neighborhood of uptown 5th Avenue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. You would meet characters like the two brothers and all the others in the film. ...
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Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets Movie Poster

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

Reviewed on Jul 28 2017

I did not see Valerian, but I saw the trailer. When are they going to stop making these wonderful special effects movies and spending millions of dollars and put teeny-boppers in as the stars? I will not go to see it because of this. What happened to men and women as actors? This to me would make a movie much more credible. And not even in the future, nor now, will the military put teeny-boppers in important positions, like this movie did with the two stars, called Major Valerian ...
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Silence Movie Poster


Reviewed on Mar 30 2017

This movie by far should have won Best Film of 2016. As a matter of fact, it's one of the best films ever made. It was runner-up for cinematography and should have won that too. It is the true story of two Jesuit priests bringing the message of the Son of God coming to this planet, as Jesus, to Japan in the 17th century. The film shows the deep level of faith of the Japanese had who accepted the truth of the mission of the Christ and what they sacrificed and lost to become "Christians." It ...
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Touched With Fire Movie Poster

Touched With Fire

Reviewed on Feb 18 2017

Written and directed by Paul Dalio and inspired by his struggles overcoming "bipolar", and based on the book by a psychologist (Kay Redfield Jamison), Katie Holmes and Luke Kirby play two supposed bi-polar people who meet in a mental institution because their parents put them there because they aren't "normal." Of course the medical institution wants to put names upon starseed and/or indigo children who can't deal with society and the education system. The majority of these people are ...
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