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Soldiers of Change Movie Poster

Soldiers of Change

Reviewed on Aug 09 2012

The son of a wealthy Senator falls in love with a black young woman. The son is actually raised by an Afro-American butler who is more of a father to him than his biological father. The story has many magic moments between African-Americans and the integrity that they have while enduring racism and being looked down upon, during the early years of the Vietnam War and the Civil Right Movement of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The whole family can watch this film; Clifton Davis, Stacey Dash.

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There Be Dragons Movie Poster

There Be Dragons

Reviewed on Jul 26 2012

Based on a true story, a young priest finds himself caught in the middle of the Spanish revolution in the 1930s. He has friends and acquaintances on various sides of the war, as there were 3 factions---the Catholics, the socialists, and the fascists. The story takes place from his childhood to adulthood through the war and living through persecution and murders of Catholic priests by the more atheist socialists. He escapes over the Pyrenees and is actually designated a saint by the ...
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1900 Movie Poster


Reviewed on Jul 12 2012

This is an epic film that you may have missed in 1976 because it was made in Europe. But it was made by the master director Bernardo Bertolucci with an international cast that includes a young Donald Sutherland (in one of his best acting roles as a sadistic fascist), an older Burt Lancaster (who plays an elderly grandfather padrone [landowner] of a large farming operation in Italy), Robert De Niro (his grandson Alfredo Berlinghieri who grows up to become the padrone), Sterling Hayden (who ...
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The Bridges Of Madison County Movie Poster

The Bridges Of Madison County

Reviewed on Jul 04 2012

An Italian older soul Francesca Johnson (Meryl Streep) marries a new soul, has 3 children, and is faithful to her husband in her mundane life on an Iowa farm until Robert Kincaid (Clint Eastwood) comes to her doorstep lost. They immediately were attracted to each other and had a recognition of each other. Over the absence of her husband and children for 4 days, they spend time together and eventually are intimate and fall in love. They both believe they are soulmates and that Providence sent...
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W.E. Movie Poster


Reviewed on Jun 20 2012

This is a superbly well-done film with great cinematography, wardrobe, class, dance, and romance between two couples—one in the 1930s and one in the modern era. It's the story of King Edward who fell in love with a commoner and abdicated his throne as King of England to be with her because of the pressure of his family, not so much the English people (for they loved Edward). The film shifts back and forth between the 1930s (the time of Edward) and the modern era (the time of a female ...
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For Greater Glory:  The True Story of Cristiada Movie Poster

For Greater Glory: The True Story of Cristiada

Reviewed on Jun 13 2012

This is a beautiful film that combines history, valor, courageousness, and spirituality together to deliver, I think, one of the best films of faith ever made. It shows how the Mexican people fought against the Federalities from 1926-1929 to protect their right to worship Jesus Christ. They called themselves the Cristiadas (which means "Christ The King"). Over 200,000 Mexican Catholics were killed in this four-year period. It also shows how other Mexicans—the Federalities (who were ...
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5 Days Of War Movie Poster

5 Days Of War

Reviewed on Jun 05 2012

This film depicts the tragic events of the five-day war in Georgia when the Russians decide to recapture Georgia for the oil. The Russians are merciless in their tactics, killing hundreds perhaps thousands of innocent Georgians, not caring if they're killing elderly or women or children. The story is centered around journalists who take pictures of the atrocities and have to escape the Russians who know they have the film. The movie is very well done and acted. Andy Garcia picks up a ...
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