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Edges of The Lord Movie Poster

Edges of The Lord

Reviewed on Mar 08 2013

Willem Dafoe plays a Catholic priest who tries to protect a Jewish boy from the Nazis. The story has many touching moments, and the little boy (played by Haley Joel Osment) is very lovable boy and your heart goes out to him. This film shows the courage of those who stand up for what is right. It's well worth watching.

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Lbs. Movie Poster


Reviewed on Jan 01 2013

The filmmaker Carmine Famiglietti tells his story of his own eating disorder over a period of 10 years, from being 300+ lbs. and going on a crash vegetable diet and getting to his normal weight for his height and then gaining most of it all back. The film has interesting characters, mostly all Italian, who are professional actors and the filmmaker himself is a good actor. He shows the difficulty of trying to overcome emotional overeating, which he discovers 10 years later is a problem that he...
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Deeply Movie Poster


Reviewed on Dec 01 2012

This is a beautiful family movie that takes place by the ocean and goes from the present to the past, involving a special young woman who is in touch with the ocean in her soul, like some people are in touch with animals and the desert and the mountains. She falls in love with a dashing young man who sails in on a military vessel, and his family thinks that she is not of his class, but he sees her spiritual depth and inner beauty. There are no unnecessary sex scenes, and the movie is done ...
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Things Behind The Sun Movie Poster

Things Behind The Sun

Reviewed on Nov 01 2012

This is a true story of a group of young men who rape several young women in their home over a period of years and the emotional damage they cause these young girls for the rest of their lives. All of the girls were minors who the young men enticed into a home where the parents were gone and only a young boy brother knew about what was going on. Years later the grown boy hears a song by one of the girls who was raped and befriends her without telling her he knew of her rape and was too young ...
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Warriors of the Rainbow Movie Poster

Warriors of the Rainbow

Reviewed on Oct 29 2012

The Taiwanese made an epic film here that far surpasses anything Hollywood can do. This true story was 8 years in the making, starting in 2003. The film deals with the tragedies of colonialism—in this case the Japanese conquering Taiwan in 1895 and the Seediq people (who were divided into many tribes—basically the sun worshipers and the rainbow worshipers). Like many colonizers who take advantage of the warring tribes (like the English and French did in the American Revolution), ...
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Being Flynn Movie Poster

Being Flynn

Reviewed on Oct 01 2012

Based on the novel by Nick Flynn called Another Bullshit Night In Suck City, the film adaption stars Robert DeNiro as a drunken on-and-off homeless taxicab driver who is a writer who never becomes successful because he is imbalanced and suffers from bouts of psychosis. His son, played by Paul Dano, is also a hopeful writer who meets his father, after a long-time absence, as his father gradually descends to homelessness again. It's good to see Robert DeNiro get parts that he can ...
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Youth Without Youth Movie Poster

Youth Without Youth

Reviewed on Sep 19 2012

Somehow I missed this film until recently (2012) on satellite. It's a Francis Ford Copolla produced screenplay and directed film having to do with past lives and other paranormal themes with a scientific element to it, covering the 1930s and the Nazis' quest for paranormal power. Tim Roth, who plays Dominic, is a 70-year-old man who is struck by lightning, and he becomes young again and has supernatural abilities with his mind. It's not a horror film, so don't get scared. It's very ...
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