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Sarah's Key Movie Poster

Sarah's Key

Reviewed on May 22 2012

French drama—This is a tragic Second World War story of an eleven-year-old girl who hides her brother in a secret wall and locks the door to try to save him from the French collaborators with the Nazis, who round up thousands of French Jews and put them in horrible conditions and eventually to death camps in Germany. The little girl goes through tremendous suffering and never sees her mother and father again, who were taken away. I was surprised to learn that the French collaborators ...
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The Infiltrator Movie Poster

The Infiltrator

Reviewed on May 08 2012

Oliver Platt plays an American journalist, who is Jewish and has German origins, who goes underground in a Neo-Nazi group, pretending to have an interested investor to give to the Neo-Nazi cause. This made-for-TV movie is actually a really good film that shows, even in the 1990s (and probably even today), the hatred that exists towards Jews and blacks and people of color in Germany. It does have some violent scenes, so be aware.

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The Bang Bang Club Movie Poster

The Bang Bang Club

Reviewed on Apr 24 2012

A true story based upon four photo journalists documenting the end of apartheid in South Africa. Two of the photo journalists won Pulitzer Prizes for their work. The group exposes the murders and tragedy and violence on all sides of the struggle. The white South African government allied with the Zulus against the ANC (African National Congress). If you can get through the unnecessary sex and the violence, this film is worth seeing for its reality and tragedy of how people of the same race ...
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We Bought A Zoo Movie Poster

We Bought A Zoo

Reviewed on Apr 10 2012

This is a heart-warming movie that is for the whole family. It's a true story about a man (Matt Damon) with a pre-teen daughter and a teenage son who lost their mother, and the father decides to buy an old zoo to bring some diversity and excitement into the children's lives. On the grounds are some very interesting people, headed up by the zookeeper (played by Scarlett Johansson). I hope Matt Damon plays more roles like this one, instead of shoot 'em up, bang bang—that mean ...
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The Music Never Stopped Movie Poster

The Music Never Stopped

Reviewed on Mar 29 2012

This film is about a talented musician who somehow ends up on the streets, even though he comes from a loving middle-class family. His brain is damaged, and he has lapses of memory. A music therapist is called upon by his father to try to heal his son, as the son is a lover of seventies music, particularly The Grateful Dead. When he hears this music, he snaps to life and becomes conversational. When he doesn't hear the music, he is almost in a comatose state. When he was younger and played ...
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Vincere Movie Poster


Reviewed on Jan 27 2012

Italian/French drama—Although the film introduces Mussolini in the beginning (who marries Ida and has a boy child with her), the film is more about Ida and how Mussolini gradually disowns her, even though she gives up everything for him—her apartment, her furniture, her jewelry, everything—to invest the money in his newspaper that is a socialist newspaper. As Mussolini gains more power, he and his government become more of a dictator Fascist government, and he loses touch ...
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Higher Ground Movie Poster

Higher Ground

Reviewed on Jan 14 2012

A pre-teen starseed (an older soul) girl raises her hand in church to receive Christ into her life. From that point on, she is taken in by the church and taught fundamentalist ways and doctrines. She eventually marries a fundamentalist contemporary Christian musician and has several children and lives the seemingly happy life. But there's more to Corrine than meets the eye, for she has past-life experiences and she's trying to live in the boxes of lower-consciousness people who want to keep ...
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