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St. Vincent Movie Poster

St. Vincent

Reviewed on Mar 19 2015

Bill Murray does an excellent job as a crusty character who likes to drink, gamble, and swear. A lot is discovered about the other side of this man in the movie in which he babysits a young boy who he takes to the race track and bar and introduces him to a lady of the night, played by Naomi Watts, who you would believe is truly a Russian. Her accent was great. The movie has many touching moments and great messages, and with the exception of one sex scene it could have been for younger ...
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Whiplash Movie Poster


Reviewed on Mar 05 2015

J.K. Simmons plays a music teacher in a top-notch New York music jazz school who is only interested in making musicians exceptional and great, and often his methods seem abusive. See if you can tell if Miles Teller is really playing the drums. I'm a musician, and it was hard to tell. I think he played the longer-shot scenes and close-up scenes, someone else may have done that. Regardless of who did it, the drumming is exceptional. You don't become a great drummer unless you have a great ...
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The Good Lie Movie Poster

The Good Lie

Reviewed on Jan 22 2015

This movie—that deals with the refugees from Sudan (called The Lost Boys)—shows the courage, tenacity, and fortitude that these refugees had to come out, on the other side, wonderful and kind human beings—which is evident in their personalities in the film (in which they play themselves). Many of them lost mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, and were tortured, yet still showed no bitterness. These men, who came to the United States, taught Reese Witherspoon (who plays a social servant)...
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I Origins Movie Poster

I Origins

Reviewed on Jan 04 2015

Director Mike Cahill has made a higher-consciousness film that more than keeps your interest, with a reincarnation/repersonalization theme. Brit Marling is captivating. The film has much magic, because of her, and tragedy and a unique story plot that is both scientific and spiritual. Don't miss this one! Michael Pitt

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Chef Movie Poster


Reviewed on Nov 16 2014

The chef, played by Jon Favreau, was a lovable character and so were most of the people in the film, except for Dustin Hoffman, who played a restaurant owner who wanted to stick with a standard menu and did not allow creativity. So the chef and his sous chef, John Leguizamo— along with the chef's 10-year-old-son, who's as cute and smart as can be—start a traveling truck kitchen. The 10-year-old boy markets the food truck through Twitter. All of the characters in the movie are good actors,...
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Twice Born Movie Poster

Twice Born

Reviewed on Oct 21 2014

Tragic love story during the Bosnian War. An Italian woman and an American photographer travel to Bosnia, where they fall in love, and the tragedy of war puts a heavy price on their relationship. Their marriage already struggling, due to her being childless, makes her seek out a surrogate mother. A male tour guide from Bosnia becomes involved, and you never know who is the real father and mother of the child until the end. The movie is very well done, very real, and very heartbreaking. Such ...
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City Of Life & Death Movie Poster

City Of Life & Death

Reviewed on Oct 07 2014

A true story of the cruelty of the Japanese takeover in 1937 of Nanjing, the then-Chinese capital, where perhaps 300,000 to half a million people were slaughtered and the women were raped by the Japanese. The war scenes are all too real, as well as the cruelty. Director Chuan Lu. Mandarin, English, Japanese, and German with English subtitles.

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