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Captain Fantastic

Reviewed on Aug 05 2016

Captain Fantastic Movie Poster

Viggo Mortensen plays Ben, the father of six children, who is a rugged outdoorsman and anti-system, super smart individualist who home-schools his children with his wife in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. His wife's father, played by Frank Langella, is wealthy and disagrees with Ben's raising of the children and actually tries to take the children from him when Ben's wife dies, at a very young age, from a disease. The family is not vegetarian, and they do kill their own meat to ...
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The Last Kingdom

Reviewed on Aug 05 2016

The Last Kingdom Movie Poster

Wow! Great acting, great history, cinematography, casting. About the tribes of ancient England at war with each other and the invading Danes. King Alfred is a king of faith, which gives him his Deo power, but the film itself is really about a young warrior by the name of Uhtred of Bebbanburg (played by Alexander Dreymon) who is every woman's heartthrob. He manages to stay alive through many battles. All of it looks real enough and believable. BBC film.

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Knight of Cups

Reviewed on Jul 14 2016

Knight of Cups Movie Poster

From time to time, I do review films that are still in the theaters, because people either should see them or avoid them. I review the best of those in the theaters, that absolutely should be seen, and the worst, that use sophisticated marketing and lies to make the film something more than it is, which is the case in this film.

Writer/Director Terrence Malick has blown it on this one. The sets were pretty amazing, shooting in some of the most rich-and-famous houses in ...
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