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Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far On Foot

Reviewed on Nov 05 2018

Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far On Foot Movie Poster

Joaquin Phoenix could very easily get an Academy Award for this film, but the Academy never gives people what they deserve (very seldom) because it’s all politics. However, every alcoholic ought to see this film. Superb acting by Rooney Mara, who falls in love with him in his physical disability. Jack Black does a fine job in playing Dexter, who is also an alcoholic and is quite believable. Jonah Hill does a wonderful job playing an alcoholic who overcomes his addiction and becomes a ...
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Patti Cake$

Reviewed on Oct 18 2018

Patti Cake$ Movie Poster

This film was smart, hip, rad, and trace, about a female hip-hop artist who wants to succeed in the business and her lovable friends, who form a band of talented misfits. Young people (like me) would definitely love this film. Danielle Macdonald.

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Ride With The Devil

Reviewed on Sep 21 2018

Ride With The Devil Movie Poster

I missed this film myself and just saw it recently, but it's definitely a classic that will be a good film a thousand years from now. Tobey Maguire shows his acting abilities, starting off as a young boy in the Civil War and coming out a man after the war, being in a band of Missouri raiders. The characters have a southern warrior dignity and play those characters well. There is much loyalty between young men raised up together in Missouri, who side with the South against Jayhawkers, who side...
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