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The Astronaut Farmer Movie Poster

The Astronaut Farmer

Reviewed on Jul 16 2007

The Astronaut Farmer is a heart-warming family film with issues that concern believing in one's self. The film portrays the struggles of a former astronaut-hopeful played by Billy Bob Thorton, and his present dream of building a rocket on his New Mexico ranch, living with his family, a teenage son and two small daughters, supportive wife (played by Virginia Madsen), and father-in-law (played by Bruce Dern). Wonderful real-life characters in the town make this film special in ...
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Unbreakable Movie Poster


Reviewed on Jun 21 2007

  Clairvoyance is a developed art.  It can be taken away by God or practiced and learned to use for the good of God's kingdom.  It is obvious that the writer director, M. Night Shymalan, who also did The Sixth Sense, either has some level of this gift himself, or has gotten counsel from someone who has developed clairvoyance.  

  Having developed such a gift, one begins to wonder why God lets us see what He lets us see, ...
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Waking The Dead Movie Poster

Waking The Dead

Reviewed on Jun 13 2007

This is the best movie I've ever seen in addressing the issue of the dead returning.  There was Ghost, but Ghost didn't deal with social issues like this movie did.  You find yourself enthralled with the youthful vitality in adressing social challenges, much like Barbra Streisand did in The Way We Were.  

  A young social and political activist, Sarah Williams (Jennifer Connelly) falls in love with a young ...
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House of D Movie Poster

House of D

Reviewed on May 04 2007

Robin Williams, Anton Yelchin, Erykah Badu. Hip story told by an artist born in Greenwich Village.

This film definitely has messages of worth with warmth, love, hope, and acceptance. Unselfish love is a unique quality, and this film shows the love of a young boy for his emotionally-challenged friend. The warmth of this film touches the depths of the soul, particularly in an analogy given concerning cancer, a crab, and an unloving father. Watch out for it! There's a beautiful ...
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What the #$*! Do We Know? Movie Poster

What the #$*! Do We Know?

Reviewed on Apr 24 2007

If I would have known that Ramtha/JZ Knight was in the film, I wouldn't have gone to see it. But, obviously somebody "up there" didn't want me to know, so I went, and the film was actually worth seeing–technically it was very well done.

All of the other people–scientists and theologians–who presented their theories had some very good things to say about how the particle world affects us humans, our thought life, and how we view reality. I wondered as I ...
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What Lies Beneath Movie Poster

What Lies Beneath

Reviewed on Apr 03 2007

I hope to save the public some money by giving a review of the film, What Lies Beneath.  According to a local newspaper male movie critic, he couldn't find enough adjectives to give this a four star rating.  He also wrote that Michelle Pfeiffer should be nominated for an academy award.  He tried to say it was a suspense film in the nature of Alfred Hitchcock (probably after Hitchcock died). You should thank God he's not your stock broker ...
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Amazing Grace Movie Poster

Amazing Grace

Reviewed on Mar 20 2007

Amazing Grace is an exceptional film that touches the heart and stirs the emotions for nobility, courage, and faith in trying to right the wrongs of society. It is the story of William Wilberforce, who almost single-handedly fought against slavery in England and helped to abolish slavery in the 19th century, approximately 75 years before the abolition of slavery in the United States.  It shows how truly good men with good purposes are misrepresented by media and ...
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