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What Lies Beneath

Reviewed on Apr 03 2007

I hope to save the public some money by giving a review of the film, What Lies Beneath.  According to a local newspaper male movie critic, he couldn't find enough adjectives to give this a four star rating.  He also wrote that Michelle Pfeiffer should be nominated for an academy award.  He tried to say it was a suspense film in the nature of Alfred Hitchcock (probably after Hitchcock died). You should thank God he's not your stock broker ...
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Amazing Grace

Reviewed on Mar 20 2007

Amazing Grace is an exceptional film that touches the heart and stirs the emotions for nobility, courage, and faith in trying to right the wrongs of society. It is the story of William Wilberforce, who almost single-handedly fought against slavery in England and helped to abolish slavery in the 19th century, approximately 75 years before the abolition of slavery in the United States.  It shows how truly good men with good purposes are misrepresented by media and ...
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The World's Fastest Indian

Reviewed on Mar 20 2007

This is one of those films that, because there's no unnecessary violence and nudity,wasn't a big hit at the Box Office, but this film is one of Anthony Hopkin's best acting roles.  In New Zealand an older motorcycle racer who has odd but loving ways goes to the Salt Lakes in Utah to race his strange-looking but very fast original motorcycle made by a company called "Indian."  It's a story about people helping other people.  It would be a great family...
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One Night with the King

Reviewed on Feb 09 2007

One Night with the King is a story of the faith of one woman with her God.  This faith leads her from poverty to become a queen of Persia and help stop a genocide.  The film is well acted by a superb cast.  The men are men, and the casting is perfect for Esther, played by Tiffany Dupont.  Omar Sharif plays Prince Memucan, the loyal right-hand man of King Xerxes, King of Persia.  Tommy Lister plays Hegai, a powerful African presence ...
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Rocky Balboa

Reviewed on Jan 15 2007

For us Baby Boomers, Rocky Balboa (2006) gives hope that dreams still can be realized, even in our sixties.  What I like most about this film–as in Sylvester Stallone's other Rocky films–is his down-to-earth honesty and goodness, and with the same virtues in most of his friends. Rocky is a man that you can trust.  For him and his friends, their "yes" is yes and their "no" is no, and you don't have to read in between the ...
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House of Sand (Casa de Areia)

Reviewed on Dec 15 2006

Taking place in the desolate sand dunes of Brazil, this film follows the life of 3 generations of women who, by fate, end up living in this land where escaped slaves also live, fighting the elements for survival. It shows how people can survive, even in the midst of tribulation, and make a life for themselves. Some special souls seem to be able to accept the blows in life, which often can cripple a person's capacity to want to survive. This story is about continued courage and hope: where...
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Anna and the King

Reviewed on May 13 2004

Anna and the King was a beautiful film of a venture into a culture different from the mainstream even then–Siam, 1862.  The beauty of the monarch was hindered by the fact that he could not do the right thing when the right thing was necessary.  This is why Divine Administration is needed–so those who are ruled do not make wrong decision over the rulers.  A ruler should not be helpless to do the right thing. When that happens, you could have a ...
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