Murder In The First

Reviewed by Gabriel of Urantia

  • Drama
  • 122 minutes
  • MPAA rating: R

A Movie Classic

French and US production but shot entirely in California—This is a true story of a young attorney (played by Christian Slater) who takes the defense of an Alcatraz convict who murders another convict, during a state of emotional trauma, just getting out of 3 years of solitary confinement in the worst of conditions. The young attorney proves that the staff of Alcatraz are abusive. Kevin Bacon (the convict) should have gotten an Academy Award for his role as a poor young man who goes into Alcatraz prison, as a mid-twenties prisoner, who was railroaded and tortured by prison guards, with the knowledge of the warden. But low and behold, Tom Hanks got the Academy Award that year for Forrest Gump. Gary Oldman plays the psychopathic, self-righteous Associate Warden.

~Gabriel of Urantia

*MPAA = Motion Picture Association of America

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