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Black '47

Reviewed on Jul 08 2019

Black '47 Movie Poster

James Frecheville plays a returning soldier during the Irish Potato Famine of 1847, who returns home to a violent country (just as bad as the war), where people are killing each other to survive and the rich making sure they have all the food, like they do now. When he gets home, he finds out his family has been killed by the rich and even some of the townspeople were part of the murders, because his family had a few pigs that everybody wanted to eat. So a lot of townspeople turned their eyes...
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Ashes In The Snow

Reviewed on May 30 2019

Ashes In The Snow Movie Poster

Lithuanian and U.S. drama—A film about World War II, where the Russians exile hundreds of Lithuanians to Siberia, to slave labor camps, and the ordeals they go through to survive. This film is good but it has a kind of Russian "Hallmark" quality about it, but worth seeing anyway for its history. Sophie Cookson, Bel Powley. Languages: English, Russian, Lithuanian.

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Inside Llewyn Davis

Reviewed on Mar 29 2019

Inside Llewyn Davis Movie Poster

United States/United Kingdom/French drama—This film was nominated for Oscars in two categories, sound and cinematography, but Oscar Isaac's acting, singing, and playing was the highlight of the film. This film, for him, was a blessing I am sure, as he definitely was made for this part. I do not know if he was an actor before a singer/songwriter, but he has become known as an actor and his audience is surprised that he is also an accomplished singer and songwriter. He is a starseed and, ...
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