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The Irishman

Reviewed on Dec 18 2019

The Irishman Movie Poster

I think the movie would have been much better if they would have shown more of the family scenes, like Mario Puzo did in The Godfather. This film showed the Irishman meeting a waitress, but you never see them together in the movie again. You don’t see anything of Jimmy Hoffa’s family or much of Joe Pesci’s family, except for Kathrine Narducci, who was great, playing Joe Pesci’s wife, who wanted to smoke cigarettes in the car. She reminded me of my sister’s ...
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Murder In The First

Reviewed on Sep 09 2019

Murder In The First Movie Poster

A Movie Classic

French and US production but shot entirely in California—This is a true story of a young attorney (played by Christian Slater) who takes the defense of an Alcatraz convict who murders another convict, during a state of emotional trauma, just getting out of 3 years of solitary confinement in the worst of conditions. The young attorney proves that the staff of Alcatraz are abusive. Kevin Bacon (the convict) should have gotten an Academy Award for his role as a poor ...
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Black '47

Reviewed on Jul 08 2019

Black '47 Movie Poster

James Frecheville plays a returning soldier during the Irish Potato Famine of 1847, who returns home to a violent country (just as bad as the war), where people are killing each other to survive and the rich making sure they have all the food, like they do now. When he gets home, he finds out his family has been killed by the rich and even some of the townspeople were part of the murders, because his family had a few pigs that everybody wanted to eat. So a lot of townspeople turned their eyes...
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