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Reviewed on Sep 28 2020

The true story of Shields Green, a slave who is from royal ancestry as the grandson of a king in Africa, who becomes instrumental in helping slaves to escape through the underground railroad. He meets Frederick Douglas and eventually joins John Brown's band of revolutionaries. A very well-done film; James Cromwell, Kat Graham, Bruce Dern.

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The Last Waltz

Reviewed on Jun 22 2020

The Last Waltz Movie Poster

A documentary by Martin Scorsese about the last concert of The Band, with Robbie Robertson (of The Band), who wrote "Take A Load Off Annie" and "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down," and many others. He is a great lead guitar player. All of The Band are accomplished. They were on the road for 16 years, and for 8 of those years they worked in dives and bars and sometimes ate from dumpsters, which they reveal in this documentary. So success, even for great musicians, doesn't happen quick, and ...
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Just Mercy

Reviewed on Jun 17 2020

Just Mercy Movie Poster

Michael B. Jordan, co-produced and acted as an attorney, Bryan Stevenson, to fight against injustice of black people in Alabama in a true-story trial for murder, in which Walter McMillian (played by Jamie Foxx) was being tried for. The attorney had to fight against a corrupt, racial, bigoted system that included judges and people in important positions in government. This well-done movie shows the racism at various levels in our state government as well as the lower consciousness of people ...
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